A Miracle Witness...

Ivory Wings
(inspired by and dedicated to D.)

…away from accepted borders,
riskfree itineraries and safe dreams
tormented by the toughness of your oldest tears…
I hereby cherish your fragility:
the abrupt suspense of divine trials,
imprisoned in these ancient labyrinths -
unlike Icarus …you will not be falling
as long as you are growing
your own wings.
so much at home with repression
and self-exiled from fears
there will be no more hiding
and no more seeking.
Alternatives will one day live together…
inseparable, unimposed, untouched
by insecurities.
Out of this million window ivory-tower
You can either embrace the horizon
or ignore its line in the twilight…
and when the newest dawn breaks
and you are through with denials
ready for the ultimate truth - soaring so high
just like the sentinel of all tomorrows
You will still be you(th)…



Orchard leaves, forest leaves,
Autumn’s abandoned slogans!
Who witnesses
This dress rehearsal of rebelling winds?

Of the restlessness
Of pharaoh’s secret chambers.

Pursuing nothing but your fears
-coherent levitation-
Devoting all your liberties
Protecting the young horses.

Of the merry-go-rounds in town.

Gaping religious distance
Between the voodoo rituals.