Poetry is supposed to be simple without being easy
Self-reflective without being too obvious
Transparent like a good translation
Combining grammar with the proper knowledge
of the exception rules
A stream of heartfelt emotions turned into words
Or just conclusive, isolated thoughts
Giving them visibility together with publicly shared relief
Your inner self being seen and heard on the outside
Like underground roots deliberately outgrown
Unnaturally settling for heights instead of reaching for depths.
Early mornings in their fullness of hope
Witnessing the intangible skyline,
Watching the clouds passing by while melting your senses
and other nocturnal masks down with the minerals
Heading and hearting towards the same destination
so desirable yet unavoidable
Like a merciless edge appeal or a full moon tide
Like the hesitant shutter at the sight of a semi-expired rainbow
Failing to seize the peak of its unexpected appearance
Looking for rational meanings
which could mean anything to anyone
from the ultimatum of a crosswords solver
improvising quizzes and puzzles and guessing games
to the urge of parading
for the sake of standing ovations in the middle of spring festivals.