Sympathetic Disparities

You don’t define me any more than I defy you;
My intuition, like a fare-welling host,
Is clear enough to mirror your grey illusions,
In the center of your black days’ and white nights’ loss
Undergoing deceitful deformations
While pretending that ruins are only for ghosts.
What a pity we can’t stay equal in time!
It’s a shame nobody denies their selfish reveries
Without second thoughts
Without questioning the inequities
And simply embrace the faith of their siblings
With echoes of cosmic approvals and catastrophic theories.
Two thousand years have passed and still
Some die childless,
Others - simply trade their own lives for a sin
Thinking God could run out of forgiveness.
You might say nobody wants to live in a dream
I know where nobody wants to go,
The truth is the angle of the sun always changes
And similar tragedies become our parents,
Long before we lose our own,
Common history can replace blood relations
Cutting away all umbilical cords
Bending our spines and leaving permanent scars on our souls.
The magnitude of disasters cannot be mitigated
By paying indirect ransoms without any remorse
A shortage of divine penalty
Will put me back on a wrong trajectory
Like a survivor’s reasons, blaming no rivalry.
Having no time for regrets is a nuisance
Since human sacrifice is more persistent than tears,
More convincing than guilt,
Like a déjà vu journey,
Rolling down from your heart for the recently-buried deceased.