Picture (inspired by Ed Sheeran’s Photograph)

My memory can fade,
My memory can go blank,
I shall still have you
With me.
When held in the arms
Of a teary beholder
Silence can speak,
It can even get you back home
long enough,
To walk the same old streets
You used to belong to
And be young.
Who needs more evidence?
Who needs more proof
There was “us”?
Who can doubt those eyes
Even though they don’t see the future
But only the past?
In a photograph
A heart never ceases to beat.
Only our time is stopped
Right between two kisses,
Only our souls are healed
Sharing a smile so selfless,
Or a moment of clarity
with the taker
Right before the age of the selfies.
Though frozen for life
inside a silver frame
Or an elusive prisoner to a flaring screen
You are still perfect.


Platonic Harbors

I look back and see no storm
The lifeboat, as always, is empty
I am adrift
On a shoreless sea
A gifted sailor 
Running out of worries
Leaving behind a tangled net of what-ifs
Feeling only lighter, not lonely
Inside a tangible, spider-web-like breeze
Swinging amid a burning horizon
In circles.
There is hope
In this immaterial voyage of mine
For a human pendulum
Constantly eluding balance!
A cold comfort keeps growing around
Taking over the melting spirits within
No anchorage visions for now
Or into the wind
To daunt me.  
From a distance I might be just a point
One step farther and I become invisible.
No mermaid song
To cloud my judgement,
No agony in the drinking of sea water,
No strings;
Only one piece of rope 
Attached to my pride.
I remember there were times
I’d resent seeing a lighthouse
Or hearing the “Land, ho!”cry
Or defensively anchoring.
The perk of being your own crew 
May break one's soul into spells of magic
Making no piracy worthwhile.
I have been everywhere
Surviving my past
In plain sight, I am here and now,
Though concealed from the rest of the world
You can see me:
Just wondering why
The shorter straw is never the last.