Inspirational Simplicity

Chances are
If it’s not meant to be this time
No one’s going to be judged
Not by us anyway wrapped only
in this sweet lavender night.
One is told colours
bear different names in a language
And rainbows the same
We are too greedy to cease seeking for symbols and signs
Too busy reaping harvests we never planted;
Looking back without teary eyes now
would expose
an even emptier heart.
Kindness remains a priceless surrogate for a single ride
The healing scars made by the thorns of withering roses
will always remember the blood-scented fragrance
instead of the petal trail left behind -
Staying true to oneself is harder
than taking a metaphorical bullet,
than being grounded for life, unable to slow down your steps,
Too far from a déjà-vu Neverland
Irreconcilably surrendered and incorporated in its divine landscape
Yet so discouraged by its heart-shaped barbed wire
A striking contrast immortalizing our complexity
We bungee-jump chained to our deepest fears alone
Like two peas in a ribboned pod striving to breathe
It’s not going to happen once-upon-my-time.


Evidence of an Injured Mirror

Caring too much if we are loved even when we don’t care back
Surviving our own delusions for a life time
Longing for too long in places we don’t belong
Staring at familiar imperfections along the way
Re-inventing the wrongs of the past with masochistic grandeur
Hallucinating our worth, resuscitating hope
Changing our minds after forgiving our trespassers
Taking everything back and returning the gifted testimonials
-To puzzle the senders -
Expecting it will cut out for good the old good days that we leave behind
Ostracized by revengeful scenarios,
Fraternizing with temporary allies that we formerly used to despise,
Racing against imagined enemies, beside imaginary friends
Oversleeping and being late
for life-changing dates which never take place
Crying the same
on weddings and funerals
Looking up words which don't exist in advanced learners'dictionaries
Unable to tell the difference between a fake smile and a self-destructive pride
Mutilating our hopes, amputating our desires,
We only have deeds to regret instead of feelings or thoughts.



This one is about high school. My high school years were pretty much the same as they normally are and should be: amazing friendships, the unforgettable first love, millions of dreams born to become true and a number of right people being there for me in order to support, motivate and inspire. High school was such a good time and place to grow, to become who I am today!
Going to a(nother) high school every day now makes my own high school memories stay alive. 17 years ago I had no idea about what was going to happen. I had expectations like everyone else and fears the same. But the lessons I learned and the feelings and memories I collected then turned me into one of the richest people in the world. (You should call Forbes magazine, I seriously belong there.)
What I value most about high school is that it showed and taught me about being independent. Also, if you took away all my life memories and experiences and allowed me to keep only the ’91- ’95 ones, I would still be very happy. ‘Cause love, friendship, acceptance, tolerance, generosity and trust are enough to bring happiness and also, once they have settled in your heart and soul, they will never leave or abandon you.
I know that high school couldn’t do all these without the right people. Thank you, my high school guardian angels!

PS I hope I am managing to give something back.:)


Win-Win Correspondences

Pre-dissolved initiatives unified by candor
Still mourn’ inside a floral, almost tangible dusk,
Framed and stamped by desire,
Kept aside by the submissive guard of selfless denial
getting addicted
to the scent of expired calendars.
Mutually ignoring one’s absence
Seems the perfect dignity trap
Meant to preserve one’s lost glory,
its prejudices against a repented doubt.
A past of future promises had better remain silent
Like an unwritten letter which would take too much time,
Like a destined recapture of imaginary pictures
Mentally taken by the blind.
We used to know nothing about humiliation
Until our phobias were confirmed by experience;
That begging for mercy has become such an archaic concept
Is another life fact.
When too afraid to step out of a comfort zone
I just un-teach myself to look back.