The heart 
of the mighty kingdom 
on the banks of the Thames,
its loyal grey river, 
connecting the spectacular bridges 
like a mythical, cloudy fluid!
The tube is a silent dragon, 
crossing the underworld at high speed...
I am arrived from the other corner of the earth, 
At home, at last, with English
though, in all honesty, 
at every street corner, 
I’m bound to express myself,
my sheer excitement and my worships
in a more familiar native tongue.
Above the Millennium Wheel, 
the morning sun is heating up the spirits
Big Ben, the real one this time, 
more majestic than its postcard versions
or the hazy, black-and-white illustrations
in my childhood’s old textbooks.
Carefully synchronizing my heartbeats
with the Londoners’ rhythm of life
I look left, then right 
and cross the avenues and streets 
in front of the patient drivers.
I don't forget to breathe in 
the mistic scents and fragrances of the city, 
thank God for having blessed me
to be here
then follow a new holiday crowd
to an unknown, unmarked,
never-seen-before territory
until the end of the Queen’s Walk
brings me closer to an iconic Tower Bridge.
Speechless and spellbound,
I surrender to the call of the British Museum
and feel I could give my entire life
or spend each and every of my dreams
in this heaven 
of historic modernity,
of epic poetry and sterling politeness,
of monumental cultural heritage 
and breath-taking friendliness and civility.
Here I am, finally, 
on the cobbled streets of the Roman Londinium!
Either on foot or horse-powered, 
I feel alive in the midst
of these life-size concrete, steel and glass pictures,
(no wax models for me, please).
Out in the fresh air, I sit by the lake for a while
then resume my walk in the famous Hyde Park 
on the soft green carpet and its lovely paths
leaving the urban humdrum,
the double-deckers and black taxis behind.
My pleasant stay at the Rose Park Hotel,
the taste of British food, 
the souvenirs I bought for myself
and my dear ones, 
the admiration for the royal family, 
sweet memories of my new American friends 
and their happy, happy smiles,
the photographs we took of each other...
I’ll take them all with me 
to feed my very soul until the day I die.

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