Quo Vadis?

home is where your heart leads you,
not to a castle or a refuge,
a limited space to physically belong to,
or a time to chronologically  possess you
like a cursed interlude.
home is a little heaven on a small earth
settled down
by a loving God
to restore the original myths of love
and help create our dearest recollections
with our most beloved ones.
home is the warmth you breathe in
next to those willing to save you
from the thin air of a heartless past
simply by holding your hand
or kissing your tears  
until your confidence becomes tall enough
to have its thirsty roots reach the ground.


Human Network

According to the Breaking News
Another high-profile couple split up.
After years of compulsive jealousy,
and lousy behavior from  his part –
he, finally, decided to cheat, then break up.
A man brutally killed his ex-wife
and, subsequently, committed suicide
Right after writing an informative letter
to their orphaned son, confessing the terrible murder.
A young mother of five  
has breastfed her newborn baby in jail
as a result of an alleged attempt
to bribe a prison guard
so that he would favor the imprisoned grandfather
by allowing him to use a strictly prohibited mobile.
Two political leaders 
Started a new fight over a lower tax rate
Which had nothing to do - I assume -
With last night’s low-magnitude  earthquake
Taking place in my area while I was not awake.

The only news that will affect our future
Is that the school year began a week ago, as planned,
In every village, every town and  every city of the country
and neither the 1st nor the 2nd graders
had any textbooks to open and to learn from.


Rhetorical Question

Is this the best of all possible worlds?”…
“Will  I make  the right choice?”…
“Has my life been meaningful enough so far?”…
"What’s really wrong with these questions,
invading our existence like parasites?"
Worst of all, they feed on our weaknesses,
inflaming our anxieties and our most intense fears,
freezing our veins throughout the summers and springs,
painting our minds  in the saddest shade of blue
on the bluest of all planets,
nerve-wracking our bones,
cutting down our gains,
infesting our daily joy,
upsetting our heart-shaped organs,
belittling our spirit,
turning  their back on our tears,
activating our fight-or-flight mood,
paralyzing our feelings,
only to leave us prisoners
to a darkness of poisonous ingratitude
attesting only the supremacy of the absurd.


Mute Revolution

My memory’s losing weight
      For long  it’s been on a diet;
For every shadow of regret
      It will embrace the silence.
In twos, we close our eyes
      To worship the rolling dice
Or to believe the pretense
     We' ve never left paradise.
I could play you a new song,
      Or sing the old one for you,
But to stay tuned all along
      I’ll revolve around this fall.
Instead of orbiting  the sun
      and have gravity against me
I will travel in a straight line     
    Then spin around and be free.


Green-Hearted Discretion

Should  we be asked
how many broken hearts
can be found
in a private collection,
would we  recount them all?
Would we reveal their real number
or would we stumble with our words
and have our clumsy hesitation mistaken
for a memory loss?
Wouldn’t  we wish
we could  withhold  the answer
to simplify an unflattering  reaction?
A circle of silence should  proclaim
the  deserved  moderation  
summoned  to publicly  restore  
the lost tokens of innocence,
our defeated good nature,
sinned against by our infamy gestures
or wounded solitudes.
Standing ovations and shiny rewards
will go to anyone
whose supreme sacrifices,
seemingly reduced,
have  been recycled and reused
to pay  for  the  damage.