Sweet September(ing...)

My mood is definitely season dependent. An autumn has always felt like a better spring to me, the beginning of something worthwhile - to expect the least - only because of the start of another school year…That first day in September is more important to me than the Millennial New Year’s Eve.

I look forward to getting back to work, to seeing my “old” colleagues and meeting the new ones after the summer holiday... Teachers can be fascinating - incredibly pleasant and funny - as long as they are off duty. Especially in September!


Seasonal Epiphanies

Some things do not need 'refreshing'. They have become so familiar that we often forget to lay our eyes on them and we almost always take them for granted. But they do not revolt against us, they never complain about us nor criticize our ingratitude ... It's their accepted fault for agreeing to become organically merged with us, for having chosen to become ours, to think about us, to dream about us, to put themselves on hold for our sake in both time and space, in reason and feeling, in pride and prejudice, in war and peace until something stronger than death, even more terrible than compromise or self-sacrifice is bound to claim supremacy or monopoly on the former symbiosis ...

Some things will always remain 'ours', always unique, like parents, childhood memories and daydreams.

Everyone should perceive life not as a single journey, but as a series of emotional excesses, excruciating passions, selfless abdications and overwhelming defeats, heartbreaking farewells and irrational hope. Everyone should know that love is not unique, but unrepeatable, not the same but different each time... much better, more complex, closer and closer to the truth. Like a progressive experience whose meaning will not be revealed until the final stage.


Artificial Spleen

Worn out by an eagerness of undefeated wars
A new dawn
- collecting its blank cheques for the better or worse-
Brings down a rainbow of invisible curses
scattered and ready to be taken for granted
in the righteous name of a noble cause;
Nobody stops after taking one first step.
No steps are taken without struggling against one's hopes.
An amply rejected emptiness still persists on my fingers
Pushing my fears to and fro;
We may remain the same in the infinity of euphoria infamies,
Seeking repentance for the betrayals staining our mood
a smile has always been
the perfect disguise above an oblivion precipice.
A brand new “hello”, facing the September sunrise,
still warmed up under the remnants of the latest dew,
will be not only remembered but missed.


I’ve paid my share of hazards
While reconstructing the fair-tales of the confessing heroes
Taking advantage of season change
and doubt failure and relief forms
Only to control
the safety passwords of myth survivors.
Towards an aspirational happy ending,
Virtually uninterruptable by unexpected hopes,
I’m tearing up magic wands to make fuel for a fire,
Rolling down a sinister ladder of smoke,
Over the edge of the same epic, coherent desire.
Repeatedly ignored,
I jeopardize and complicate my self-
Trying to capture a ghostly apparition
in a plausible snapshot
trading pounds of my own flesh
without knowing how an immune system really works.
“There will be no life-threatening repercussions this time”
They used to say.

To avoid a vain curiosity and acquaint with the modern stage
We are all gingerbread people
Running away.