The Windmill of Change

The summer holiday is almost over and the Dutch experience with the WACR family has been its most amazing and unforgettable episode of all. They are great people and amazing teachers as they all taught me valuable lessons and everything they showed me there was both relevant and meaningful. Their life-style, their attitude, the fact that all people are given fair opportunities to live their lives as happily as possible regardless of individual particularities, their generosity and hospitality,their warmth and friendliness are almost out of this world.

Also, they showed me how they work as a team and how their combined energy, kindness, creativity and thoughtfulness can lead to the best solutions for their community. Even the Openluchtmuseum was an eye-opener in case I still wondered how they got where they are and I now know for sure it was through hard work, dedication and responsibility. I realize that our laziness and superficiality, indifference and carelessness work as a boomerang against us and I also know that the right answer is related to the people - their good intentions and useful actions not their frustrations, complaints or lack of initiative. These are not only words. I promise myself that I will do whatever I can do and even more because I have more options than I used to think I had. I will share my knowledge with those who would like to listen and try to persuade others to adopt this way because, without the right people, the country can only be wrong.

With their help I found enough inspiration and collected a lot of suggestions for our board and hopefully the other team members and other community members would choose to join our cause and make a difference which could set us on the right track at least socially and humanitarily. It’s high time we started learning how to fish instead of waiting for the fish which could feed us only for a day. Our post-communist society may be young but we have to grow up if we want a better life than when we were programmed to live like robots and forbidden to have opinions and initiative.

Being there also helped me to understand that we have a lot of possibilities and that willingness and availability have to be the first steps. Volunteering is the miracle I needed to see in order to believe and planting its seeds on our soil may bring us not only personal satisfaction but also visible achievements which can improve all our lives. Solidarity might be harder to implement in a society divided by individualism but we have to try harder and harder if we want to succeed.

What is truly extraordinary is that I felt that their homes were mine and their friendship is the best kind of nobility which obliges me to become a better person and a better citizen who will not disappoint them. I am aware that they invested their hopes in me and I won’t let them down. I know that making them proud of us is the best kind of gratification for all their efforts.

Thank you, my amazing friends, for living the Dutch dream!!!



Like a song without unicorns,
Flying with a contingent wind,
Chained and crucified
Forced to crawl only on incandescent soils
Without any ascension prospects
Only derisory, explanatory itinerary stops
Each cursed with a pair of left wings
Neither to bear the same name
nor breathe the same waves
ever again
Compromising one’s doubts
With dying rays by the side of a fast lane
Gambling the latest tears
Turning off all hearing and sight
Quitting the present to make room for the past:
No one to hold tight for a while,
No mirror to check your background,
No familiar fragrance to recognize,
Only desert powder and a sorrowful mask.


Untamed Summers

For the horizon-level visionary
This has to be the finest, most bohemian fall of all.
At the end of a sun-retardant decade,
A season souvenir divulging the noon transactions,
the fragility of a sand castle,
the abundance of a first home,
the impunity of going down the same road;
From evening riots to morning rituals
You - so fortunate to have earned loner status
Me - too old to become an impulse follower
Or an ignored negotiator of platitude.
With every floral presence
I recall
Reminiscences of our deaf date,
The arguments behind same old smiles
Of same old lipstick and matching cheek blush;
With every by-gone second
Away from scarlet strawberry kisses and long-lasting hugs
I crave for the prolonged sophistication of waiting
As if performing an individual art
whisper by whisper, draft after draft,
I am kneeling halfway between temptation and responsibility
Falling prey to renewed resolutions
Self-absorbed and irreversibly docile
The ultimate recognition and liberating serenity.