To the Best of My Ability

You know...
I could be anything:
a speck of dust
in the morning wind,
a grain of sand
under your strolling feet,
a handful of mud
at the roots of the grass leaves
.... in your garden....
Anything you wanted me to be
I'd become
As long as I can just be around.


Filled Hollows

You are my zenith,
to reach you,
I'd cross a pathless heath
and share more
than the colors of the skies
swaying above the holy beliefs
of angels
born-n-raised as heathens
or the delayed remorse
of a wild child.
Though getting lost
in this cosmic vastness
might confirm some of our fears
We can still walk
we can still run,
all this changing distance
between south and north.
Our blank or rhymed verse
channels and bridges
like a snow cloud,
stopping the pace of time
right in its middle.
Breathing your spring tones
suddenly explains
why being us
feels much easier
than being 
just you or just me. Around,
some candles have burned down,
some are burning away
the sorrow of man
then they are put out
for a while
not to obstruct
the gods' worthy worship
but to preserve a light.
Let’s pause now,
in this deliberate darkness;
Words have been drained
of love
for a nobler purpose
whose means justifies the ends,
the sacred winds
have chiseled holes
in our bodies
making us look like two lanterns.


Consolable Whispers

Though shoulders
will still be straining
Under the weight
of loss,
a trembling,
almost unheard voice
summons your breath
not to be held in vain,
and just wait
the miracle
of its soft echoes
has finally come around 
to filter
the sour bitterness of regret,
out of your blood.
by forgetfulness,
misfortune memories
may break
into my private thoughts
at times,
out of the blue.
The irony is
a single incantation
from you
will always help forgiveness
to wash away,
for good,
the gray remains of the horizons
in both our views.
With the scar pains
and dignity restored
Pride will be put to rest
and the insoluble grief
will be dissolved
by an eternal present,
the real delight,
growing so splendidly
within our chests.
Sharing our rainbows 
and our verve
by the vital wealth of love
makes for no waste
only allows our spirit
to be embraced
like second chances are
at a new crossroads.



We circumnavigate
the globe, an elastic breeze 
is attached
around our waists,
the free fall was checked 
by both
and a new colony
of mild impressions 
and blue epiphanies
to cushion our voyage.
In silence,
we bounce up and down
against the rising stars
sufficiently deaf-
to the mermaids'charming songs
and blind enough-
to any nymph’s dance.
Enchanted by ashes of rebirth
(our own)
and music of spheres
We shall hold hands
to remind ourselves,
without words,
that only heaven knows
how long
we have been in the same barge,
rocking and rolling
in our own storms,
how often we have been
in charge
of a pirate vessel
seizing the treasures and debts 
of the smooth, treacherous sea
or a warship
setting course only
to restore peace.
Right now
with an invincible fleet
of safe thoughts
rounding the Cape of Good Hope
there’s no need
to burn this boat
which brought us near,
there's no need
to leave this irreversible harbor,
or abandon the burdensome cargo
oppressing a way back home.



Joy sneaks in
through the suave air
to breathe its splendors
and its infinities
while a deep musing
gingerly locks away
a trickster’s labyrinth
of ache and grieving
with clairvoyant dare.
An exuberance of grace,
of self-forgiveness
and warmth 
is flipped out,
on a canvas
of perpetual maze
with an abundance
which outweighs both
the triumph of small things
and earthly glory
of one's shortest hours.
Without a doubt,
you are and will be
but a mirror
reflecting silver linings.


Honeyed Reveries

A man of depth,
one of the best kind
there is,
in the presence of faith
I can feel his essence
being  kissed
on the cheek,
then forehead
and an elusive life line
in the palm
of his left hand.
They feel right,
my secret vows
to him,
they shall remain
secret and bound
to a timeless ground.
Back to back,
and through dropping eyelids,
the shining tears
won’t deny
the candied words
he steals from my mouth
or those hidden
behind my neck
in late spring.
A bliss of fate,
he will be - one
casting its longed shadow
in the night garden
and over  the sea waves
until my soul
has grown feet
to be swept off -
then settle down on a rest day
for the length of a life’s retreat
in a sweet nook,
a heartfelt beat away.


Summer E-scape

Others will never notice
the humble feet
stepping out 
of a cold sea
and into the arms
of an unknown season
but you - You make 
a much-embraced wave
slow down
and the warm wind's touches
tenderly retreat.
with your dense silence,
I smile
knowing I am
no longer invisible
to you, and shiver,
seeing you nod
with my shadow
has made that perfectly clear.
A mysterious fever 
rushes through my veins
as I become sightless:
the rays of fond light
interfere with the breeze
capturing  the entire you
inside the frame
of a most genteel picture.
Standing here,
tall and overprotective,
you hold my shoulders
with your hands
and melt me back
from pieces.
Tears and incoming scents
are consumed
by both
so that, somehow,
we can soon re-paint
the colorless deserts
into the greenish shades
of a self-made heaven.
Right on this stage
surrounded by sand lines
two simple souls are merged
to perfection,
embraced as our own,
singing and dancing
with the golden songs out there
in the name of love.