Dostoyevskian Voices

"You never free yourself
from anything you've ever done."
"Deadly sins
keep haunting your mind’s chambers,
and follow your whereabouts
"...Or simply linger with you
for too long,
like some heavy scents, 
controlling your breathing,
their creepy permanence
staring at you
from the inside
of a broken skyline
of bleak remorse
and undeserved lack of change,
turning all your dreams into nightmares...."
"Forget the bystanders and the passers-by
they are not here
to watch your innocence restored."
"Their only purpose is to serve
one useless lesson at the worst of times."
"Seizing your lost mildness,
preaching their blunders
in their too sinuous, self-obsessed  ways,
spoiling everything worthy of love
then faking the wailing and weeping of fallen angels
blaming the sun’s light’n’warmth
for their own hearts' blindness and cold
allowing the darkness
to cause such a shameful waste."
"This is but a part of our worldly punishment."