Much Adu (about something)

They needed a short story
to become the latest fad
So I thought my mind and came up
with that sort of instantaneous tag.
Of course, having rushed in,
it was looking a little crowded
So I removed the “I” from the ad
then , noticed  it seemed prone
to more ambivalence 
than they could afford
and I had to replace the full stop
with a less ambiguous semi-colon.
The poem needed an alluring title,
(that's when I could see red  before my eyes)
But decided  to grab the first badge-
no need to borrow, it came in handy
and quite able to blush on command.
I needed one more epithet
for them not to come around
But, since everything I looked up
was beginning to sound redundant
I had to change it all
and return to my silent oyster.


Ode to Your Eyes

Your eyes
may have seen the world
and they still don’t know
how to deceit,
each morning
they open up to beautify love
and mirror your soul.
Your eyes gaze at the truth
the same way
they gaze back at the stars.
I see the soul of a man
whose flaming fervor,
whose unfading flair 
for passion flowers and sun beams
and, most probably, unicorns
can transcend a fortune of sacred words
and secretly store away
for humanity
a legacy of battle rewards.
Your eyes run more deeply
than your temples and forehead
Yet they never betray them,
They witness, whisper and heal
like two dark pearls
lighting up the night’s bleakness
lifting its gloomy spirits
making one think
of how many phobias
they have turned  into fantasies,
and how many dreams are dreamed
under those silent eyelids.
Your eyes speak to me
of the colorful landscapes I've missed
the scented sights they surrounded
with sparkles,
horizons they measured
and hands they have kissed
or mundane sunsets gone cancelled
for fear they might burst into tears.



What are we -
if not strangers?
How can you label
This chance fondness
Filling the king-size voids
within? Is this plenitude
philia or eros?
Are we the innocent victims
of a Cupid’s love game or
have we been corrupted
and chained down
into regrettable depravity
by a fallen Lucifer?
I say God knows the answers.
He made us both
In His own image a while ago
allowing our spirit
to be temporarily divided
at birth. But years later, 
He agreed to restore
the original rights
of an unsinful, incommensurable love
inhabiting our two hearts
and let it be, for another eternity,
a complete one.


The Last Flight

Tell me, if I were a little girl 
selling  matches,
would you buy a few boxes 
from me,
keep me warm with a cup of tea
on your New Year’s Eve?
Or better,
if I were a bird in late autumn,
with two broken wings,
would you take me inside your home,
Care for me and lie to yourself
about how I’ll be able to fly again
I cannot fly,
yet were I to choose for me,
I’d be the little swallow
of selfless deeds
lying frozen,
in the winter’s coldness,
at the feet of her happy prince.