Never alone in my memories

What emotes me most is that we can create such long-lasting memories together with others, share our blessings and our lives willingly or coincidentally and build unforgettable moments and perfect relationships with complete strangers (at first) who simply win our hearts (against all odds) without effort for the rest of our days.
That's why I do welcome and (will) always cherish the time and attention I get, value the presence of all my loved as well as my loving ones in my past, present and future and love my life with its mysterious ways and heart-melting lessons.
What touches my very soul is the chance I've been given to breathe in so many beautiful places I've fallen in love with. They, too, live inside me and shape my inner heaven which will never lock me out. :)
Somehow, life's unpredictability catches me unprepared for so much happiness. Sometimes I can't believe how lucky I am to meet these wonderful, wonderful people who choose me when they have so many (better) options and possibilities, to be in such amazing places which make my heart beat faster and my faith grow stronger. They make me not only feel special but also proud of who I am and give me so much hope for tomorrow! And the best part is that I'm never lonely when I think of them and smile happily ever after.



Some crater ashes feel like pure silk,
some- like satin clouds
showering  an invisible surface,
resting their shade above the cold body of sand
and layers of still water
whose blue is always tempted
to bring back the scents of a dormant season
when your skin felt  like a map.
A perfect set of continents
surrounded by ink-oceans,
lots of significant dots, lines and circles
to zoom in and out through memory
or, depending on the climate,
another scale model of lost reality.
For so many years on end,
(I could swear it for both now)
there was an intersection
between latitude and longitude right there;
So much youth, so much beauty
- maybe too much love-
in the center of a dry, unmapped river bed.


Dostoyevskian Voices

"You never free yourself
from anything you've ever done."
"Deadly sins
keep haunting your mind’s chambers,
and follow your whereabouts
"...Or simply linger with you
for too long,
like some heavy scents, 
controlling your breathing,
their creepy permanence
staring at you
from the inside
of a broken skyline
of bleak remorse
and undeserved lack of change,
turning all your dreams into nightmares...."
"Forget the bystanders and the passers-by
they are not here
to watch your innocence restored."
"Their only purpose is to serve
one useless lesson at the worst of times."
"Seizing your lost mildness,
preaching their blunders
in their too sinuous, self-obsessed  ways,
spoiling everything worthy of love
then faking the wailing and weeping of fallen angels
blaming the sun’s light’n’warmth
for their own hearts' blindness and cold
allowing the darkness
to cause such a shameful waste."
"This is but a part of our worldly punishment."



Just listen
to the venerable roots
swirling their selfless notice
beneath the surface
of an absent crowd!
All of their murmurs,
ignored by indifference,
are within reach now
and everything left to do for everyone
is listen and then choose
but only with the heart in mind this one last time.
After all, wishing against providence,
turning your better instincts against life
can never feel right for anyone:
you, the stranger you once loved more than God,
your own sibling daydreaming of tomorrow,
the toddler gazing at the morning sky,
the teen who hasn't been kissed,
a worried mother.
You know the firmly planted seeds
were destined for the darkness
and though afraid
of secular blindness and unjust cold
they do warn us. 
They must have smelled
the tragic persistence of death for too long
and witnessed their share of absurdity,
the nonsense of human bloodshed
so many times before.
So, on behalf of what's left
of our senses and our humanity
let’s not settle for another war, please.
Don’t pick the single wrong
unable to teach, the only sickness
that, though preventable, knows no remedy,
the only crime that makes you an accomplice
unless you choose life and to let it be lived.


Lengua Paterna

God speaks the only language
I can understand;
Sometimes, His words
make me whole again, instantly,
without lighting my burden
or revealing the way.

God’s lessons used to be so mysterious
Back in my youth (gold) days!
Now they are simply not,
Even though, latterly, everything He has taught
has been nothing but a divine miracle
taking place in its fullness of grace.

God should never be missed
- this I tell you -He never leaves us truly alone.
In fact, whenever we may fail,
From the depths within our souls
God won’t see the sinners- only His own children
willing to speak the same language
and able to learn.


Instead of New Year’s Resolutions

1…2…3…4… Sometimes it takes a while to start something…Then, after something finishes, it may take a while before realizing its meaning, its wisdom, its purposes…Everyone knows that, at times, waiting is advisable and that patience often pays off, hard work also pays off, so does doing the right thing, staying true to yourself...
Each year, there are so many lessons to learn, so much experience to add to our becoming, so many new pages to write, word by word, minute by minute… every moment of every woken hour… There is no real plagiarism in real life. Everything we experience turns into a “one and only” memory and we are the only true owners and rightful beneficiaries of these treasures. Also, with every significant person and every role they play in our lives… there has to be self-improvement, self-development and even some sort of self-enlightenment sooner or later.
Ugo Eze once said: “Be careful who you make memories with. Those things can last a lifetime.” This year, I’ll be more than careful. I don’t want to help create anything less than beautiful. So, I will use the right to be selective without feeling sorry about it. I also won’t settle for “average” this year…when it comes to my own work. I’ll be a better version.