Under Hypnosis

Scars are much younger than wounds
Dried tears - inseparable from birth marks

My disarmed conscience-
Another ignorant link between repression and depression,
A seduced indifference in agony
Under the close surveillance of induced sleep.
You’re asking me
If I should instigate the virtuous or vicious circle
Until they have their obsolete temptations revealed?
Prolific lethargy is my answer,
it proliferates liability of healing,
by deleting an entire reincarnation history.
A Russian roulette is nothing  but an invented religion,
a proof of moral instability,
a fortune wheel of self-hatred and inconsolable truths
in a space of temporal ambiguity;
The universe rules
A neglected parody spinning inside flamed triangles
The irony of taking unreal chances becomes surreal
Fantasies are freed from an Eden of utopian wellsprings,
Redeemed from the pit of platonic disasters
Just like Columbus, I will die proud of your discovery.