Halfway towards Another Hedonistic Paradox

In a room without strings
fueled by procrastination only
the expired insecurities of youth
deprived of the latest kind of attachment device
ever invented
to remind humankind of their own signatures
on the dotted old line.
With age, one finds out
there are worse wars around the corner than they used to learn about;
First-hand experience becomes common knowledge
in a bit of a precious second,
while we are still alive
but still unable to figure out why
we are supposed to live only one love at a time,
and destined
to gently send our illegitimate soul mates into exile
how come
I am missing the dismissed only,
And solely remember the banished
in the supposedly forgotten corner of my mind?



The same inner voices trying to stab us from within
Urging us to resist but failing
to warn us
About free falling;
Too many eyes kept on the same price
Make compassion irreversibly set down,
get over
before it’s really over.
Willfully immersed
In the perplexity of hurting on the insured side
I’m out of my fight
minding my own lost battles and victories
sharing veiled kisses and free hugs
daydreaming of the rain so altruistically kidnapped
in the palm of your hand.
Morning sunbeams captured in a closed call,
Reality chased into coded diaries;
Hypnotized by the same hostile routine,
following unoriginal, intoxicating sins,
I'm spelling first names nesting an evil-inclined indifference,
in defiance of their selfless reflection.


Compass free

I can always tell north from south
Chaperone the invisible oysters,
The velvet shadows laying down their voice weapons
In an ocean of virtualities.
The open, transparent, almost magnetic wounds -
such a melodic whisper;
The layers of uncertainty performing metallic allusions -
a nonsense wave jigsaw,
a lost, meaningless smile clouding your lips,
I love you” - another irony of language
stated in an eternal yet rapidly decaying present
forcing us to make impossible pledges,
assume the best of a stranger’s long-term promises
Lured and drugged by perennialism,
Some are only afraid of needles.