Fall dusk

That twilight melted like a candle. The springs’ echo died inside the wells and flocks of stars cancelled their flawless flights to watch me – waiting - from above. Over the wind-dried leaves, their unquenched flames. Above your footsteps, my silent eyesight, frozen, defeated, baptized in tears. Under the clay eyelids, my minds’ rivers overflowing the call.
The delayed response triggered the emotion.The rain had forgotten to cuddle and was just mourning vertically.Sooner than expected, the silence confirmed the distance, the darkness and the fear. Among all words, only your name somehow seemed too poisoned. And I kept it away. Inside. And I kept away even though I could barely hear your leaving and breathing. But I couldn’t have borne your indifference or your mercy any longer.
The second became an hour. Ice needles all through my veins searching for the heart. And yet, your name did not betray my suffering. I had loved you thinking we were not human and loved you even more when I found out we would die.
All of a sudden, I threw all the dream crumbs to the birds. As a reward for having tried to teach us about flying. Failure was our own blame. Some wings are too old, others are too young to fly and there are always those unable to fly together.
The pale moon reminded me there was something else I needed to feel grateful for. But I couldn’t remember what. It must have gone with our dreams because I had been nowhere else for a while. I don’t like wasting my time on useless walks. Or stepping on fallen leaves in autumn ...and laughing out loud.
I woke up with a smell of melted wax in my hair.