Not Going to The Emerald City

The truth is we all have what it takes to live a happy life: a brain, a heart and a little bit of courage. There’s no need to follow the yellow bricks in order to have any wishes granted. We don’t need diplomas and medals to prove our identity, we don’t have to live up to anyone’s expectations or follow in anyone’s footsteps. All we need is  somewhere  to call home, a place where we can be who we really are and become who we are meant to be. Life is not a Halloween party. When the mask is off, your true self standing in front of the mirror will either smile or cry and both tricks and treats will fail to change anything.


Consigned Recess

A sleep-walking griever,
Doing  the aftermath of a lost war
A long waiting
from any defensive borders
Under a mundane scrutiny
of regained trials
Pushed back and forth,
inside the engraved sunset horizon
by a sinister wave in an inescapable tidal bore
lying under a reversed precipice.

A loss always comes undone
Displaying  the same physical symmetry
whose silver chains keep your healings in place
Harboring a deserved rest in peace.

Tear-Voided Mid-nights

On dawns like this
We tend  to banish the tiredness of questioning
Literally missing the turning point
And decide
to let down its perennial yet fruitless vitality
at sunset
On a willfully-deserted road.
Another shower of silent metaphors to drive off,
Leaving  ground for paradoxical debt -
the ultimate expression of regret
Set out to capture the hidden answers
All their impulses and subtle hints
which surpass a true legacy,
and generates a vision of doubt
brought forward like a self- incriminating alibi,
put behind like an empty fantasy crime,
a vague contrast
between absolute flooding and apocalyptic drought.