Shut Down

Some day, you will unfriend the whole universe,
Allowing  desolation to nurture your second nature;
You will slow down your pace,
And  lower  your  heart rate
To hear the mild unborn celebrate;
You will share smiles with those
never striking back
to secure their survival 
and  brutally turn away from their  grave apathy
to refill the holy graal.
A real-time watcher crawling in the darkness
seldom finds his way to flourish' n 'root;
Therefore, while skyrocketing his bliss,
He finally has his fortunes fed to the lion.

The moral is simple:

A broken wand is only the end of a half-blood scion.


911, What’s your emergency?

Sooner or later we all learn to prioritize. When we understand the natural order of things for each of us, we find it easy to put some things first even if our decisions, choices and needs will be judged, disapproved and frowned upon. 
Although caught in a web of compulsory duties and daily responsibilities, everyone should feel free to live their life according to an individual emergency system. I know that “multitasking” is thought to be a human performance, but shared attention and affection and interest will never produce a complete picture, a desired result or, as scientists put it, the preservation of long-term memories.

Juggling with your life will make you a clown and give you no balance in return. We all have more or less time; we have to make time for what’s truly important, what really matters to us,  and ignore the rest. Our priorities should define us, they are, after all,  the written chapters in any  personal history. 


Damned Allusions

Floating past,
Like a loose cannon stalking an invisible path
Elevating the transparent dust
In a split second,
Uncovering the striking routes
for the selfish portraits in forgotten agony columns
plagued by compulsive gambling,
irreversibly yellowed by the harmless rays,
You follow and make up for a distressed gold rush.
Acting by the book- a coward’s way
of multiplying our earthly gains
and self-reliant faint praise.
Dying like a man- a wanted scenario
Which eventually discloses our true blood roots.
When we recruit our entourage
We skip a beat of the heart,
We step aside from the side of the angels,
We kiss the ground in front of a deadly rival
Playing tyrant.