Faded Updates

In the latest blinks of the eye
We have been stuck
in the middle of a pointing crowd;
Our incandescent whispers bleeding
No anticipation, just a precise, heart-felt testimony
Like a deafening symphony on a dividing property,
a former war heritage or a foster house in jeopardy.
Life itself is simple:
Half because heaven is always above,
Half because justice is never blind.


Just Healing

The sick-at-heart
Cast their prejudiced shadows
Above the drafted footprint trail;
Red flags everywhere,
The ignited sand dunes surround  their implosion
Like no one in their six senses can.
Fearless- I flip my pride to the other side
Of the bliss-n-tell
Bells are ringing along with the incoming tide
A well-deserved wake-up farewell
before every sunrise.
A brain is nothing but a former stone tool,
or an abandoned pearl-free shell,
Floating away,

Lost in the evolution of ordinary man. 


The Road to Heaven

Is never taken,
Never unfolded nor revealed;
Though  once in a lifetime
We get lost on our way to Damascus
And  take any middle-of-the-road encounter
For the one and only bliss.
Then half-puzzled in Rome
We get stuck and hide in its dome.