Conflicted Resolutions

Heavy thoughts raining down
- like racing meteors -
into the prolonged silence of friends,
the mute impatience of foes …
Winding in and out with deliberate imprecision
Interfering with an anxiety
Merely touching the frame of a perfect door;
In front of a melting dawn
We are all
carefree projections of our outer selves
Climbing up like floating whispers
From another seemingly deceived season,
high above the moonlight shades,
Striving to become more than an early promise
With the morning breeze,
uncovering the foreseeable new day,
sheltering and drying off all evidence,
all the survival tears,
Freezing every single heart beat,
every pulse of the veins,
Reassuring the re-birth of yesterday
-such an old tragedy,such memorable retreat.
I’m only one of those
witnessing some paramount obstacles
falling down,one by one,
for the irreplaceable yet unfairly dismissed
to kneel down and quit.



A smile … the simplest form of human expression…and yet an almost indecipherable miracle able to convey so much meaning and so many types of emotions! Instant or carefully prepared and rehearsed in the mirror, casual or formal, natural or artificial, superficial or rather deep, real or fake...a smile is a smile and the equivalent of knocking at the entrance to someone’s soul...
Right here, right now...following the suggestion of a virtual friend ... I’m going to write about a certain kind of smiles, the one which comes right from the heart...and is felt and shared with the best intentions in mind... even when it may be hidden behind our utmost fears, disguising our bitterest sorrows, camouflaging our most inextinguishable regrets or covering up irreparable losses including that of hope....A smile like this should be worn neither like a carnival mask, a compulsory uniform which goes with the job nor carried like a fashionable accessory to improve our public image or … a deadly weapon meant for either self-defense or (mass) destruction...On the contrary, a genuine, authentic smile should be revealed like a spiritual extension of our own identity, the embodiment of our purest inner selves, a remarkable result of the symbiotic relationship between body and soul outwardly acting together towards harmony and acceptance.
When we smile, we send the message that we welcome and embrace the one(s) we see. A smile is like a speechless “hello”, “thank you” or “good-bye” which doesn’t necessarily require the presence of another greeting, the most accessible form of kindness, a priceless gift we can all afford to offer anywhere, anytime, regardless of the occasion… A smile is a visible type of magic…. a tangible form of affection, an irresistible invitation to be human, to stay human, reaching out in the darkness of thought and coldness of routine… for something better than a fresh beginning, a spectacular sunrise or an unforgettable first time.
We are people. We dream, we love, we kiss, we smile, we miss, we cry, we are hurt. We smile again. We are human. Before we learn to speak or walk, we learn not only to smile but also how to smile back.


Unveiled Fragility

Unconditional caring is a permanent choice of mine and …while sharing …I believe we not only reveal but also discover so much about ourselves! Just like when asking yourself truly objective questions you have never asked or you would never ask anybody for the sake of better self-knowledge…and a deeper understanding of your own life.
Lately, I’ve discovered my strongest vulnerability. While others are falling for power or losing control over money or fame… I have a very soft spot for the idea of being really needed. It’s something which gets me almost charmed and it works every time like an unbreakable spell. (…I should have used “drunk” instead of “charmed” but it didn’t feel strong enough…)
The idea of being chosen to be there for someone in need, the thought that somehow I could be helpful to another human being makes my heart melt with gentleness and melancholy, almost immediately dissolve its delicate aspirations into the sweet gratification of this incredible, divine chance . For me, at this point in my life, there is nothing more rewarding than knowing that my presence, my words, sometimes my silence, my approval, my gestures - no matter how temporary - are necessary, that my simple existence can make a difference and be a reason for shared happiness, undeniable hope and mutual joy… I must have already got addicted to this amazing feeling, a kind of spiritual tenderness I would always open myself to…


A hope to spark in the darkness

They say that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. My 365-day-journey begins with a single destination in mind…even though…at this point I am certain only about where I would not like to arrive when 2013 is history.
One should know just how much I cannot stand loneliness to understand that I’d really hate to be in a place with no people, however real, virtual or...fictional. I’d also resent being anywhere with people who are too judgemental , who live in bitterness and intolerance, with cruelty and indifference.
On the contrary, I’d love to be with people who are not perfect but who challenge one’s mind and heart for a change and end up being loved and appreciated, people who don’t take feelings and sacrifices

for granted, no matter how close or distant they are, people who are not afraid of God but who love Him dearly, people who live their lives with love and hope and compassion and devote their time and attention to others without too many expectations…