Lost raison d’être

Let’s break up with all the subjective truths!
Keeping us hostage to this relativity,
Slaves to our own plurality,
A convict's unconvincing countdown
An ultimatum for the uncommitted crimes
A sudden outburst of melancholy...
Missing only one jigsaw
Makes every picture incomplete
Less decorative
Pitifully overprotective
Like the entrance to a final speech.
We embrace some “good-bye” to hide our tears
Hold them too close to have our faces seen
What a relief we will all have to depart some day!
Sharing so much unhappiness
Couldn’t possibly ease the pain
"He settled for her;she’s an earthly compromise"
Isn’t that the real old-story?
The one we learnt to read after
The nursery rhymes were left behind?
What do you do midway through the wrong journey:
reveal your imperfections to strangers this time?
Some facts are too obvious to be spelled out
They’d make reality redundant,
The transition more impersonal
And hope is no remedy,
No reason to get up in the morning and smile.