At birth, even the most watered-down legends,
Long-implanted within our breaths,
Are there to feed the countless illusions
and engender a leading part
for every man.
One- inspired subtly by the destinies’ whims
and slowly rehearsed by utopian surrogates.
Next, a dressed reflection of a better half
Converts you into a deaf, blind devotee
Able to save a creed of wholeness
Despite the fact that no one is set free.
And from then on, and on, and on,
we simply shadow the voice closest to the heart
Winning us, time after time,
a divine right to call ourselves human
With the same pride it would make a forgivable error -
a still life;
Unframed, but also able to leave us paralyzed-
shattering our collapsed ego crumbs
Like some cutting-edge curse words
spelled backwards,
a self-destructive identity conflict
against the hazards of a starry, moonless sky.
Lately, everyone has found 
it takes only mutuality and synchronization
To be carried across the threshold of life
And be happy ever after, long afterwards
The mighty death do you part.