Recycled Clichés

Life as a landscape puzzle
altering itself continuously
each arbitrary jigsaw…wrenched from its roots
needs to adapt immediately
to fit the next view, the next season, the next look.
When we choose
we lose more than we gain
we give up more than we get.
Choices are bitter - sweet sacrifices
if you contemplate regrets,
obey artificial standards or pay too much attention
to details.
Who needs a Pandora’s box???
with our own jars of unconfessed, unrepented sins lying in the closet
between old pairs of shoes we never wear
and unforgotten letters we never read…
I seem to have more and more answers
than questions,
than midlife crises
than uncertainties these days.
We should live our lives backwards
this way
we’ll never have to say : “The best is yet to come.”
There’s nothing worth dying for
loneliness is just a passive illusion - the priviledge
of a newly dug grave…
At least when my life started I was there.

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