restless tear rivers, drained of despair ,
running dry of emptiness
overflow the less privileged, careless lanes
out of my side, out of my heart
to my mind an arrow is much crueler than a bullet
like a strike of doubt which would go nowhere
like a seed of death impossible to outland
damaging everything in a merciless impact game
we sleep in the same bed with our errors
recycle old wax candles to make new ones
hoping that darkness disappears at night
when its invisibility becomes the perfect camouflage
so underestimated, so overrated, yet so devoid of pride
invading our privacy like evil spirits, like wild heathens
unaware of any human feelings and rights
mournings blend with our fears and sorrows
becoming their own flesh and blood
we get blind in the presence of too much light
I only wish they had imprisoned us for lying
right then and there - in this way
we’d share our hopes with our contemporary
instead of burying them away.

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