Bankrupt Witchcraft

By wasting my nocturnal responses,
By reconciling your migrant doubts,
With nothing to exorcise in the 21st century,
Wherever we wake, we simply elate
at arbitrary subtleties
between smile codes and blurred binoculars,
we set off on affinal sunrise expeditions,
delaying dramas of selfless trekking
enchanting their tears
with fragmented spells of exposed moonlight sorcery.
By caroming the farewells into odd egocentric effusions
We simply perform
an infertile embellishment for ceremonial occasions,
outdating stereotypes and unprofitable lyricism
for the long forgiven or soon forgotten
spiritual muses and inspirational greed.
By confusing the earthly ritual prejudices
we are just assuming cold silver rings
will finally protect our vital organs
from hypnotizing gold reveries .

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