He loves you.

He loves you enough when he says he is sorry for something he or someone else did and hurt you. when he anticipates your needs. when he respects your wishes. when he looks after your dreams and takes care of your fears and insecurities. when he forgives your mistakes and also forgets them. when he accepts your family and adopts your friends. when he understands what you mean when you don’t say anything. when he manages to surprise you. still. when he tells you you are beautiful, you have always been beautiful and you will always be like that. when he reminds you about your own birthday. when he remembers to call and say “I love you” . when he smiles even when he is sad to protect you from worrying. when he praises your food even when it’s hardly edible. when he holds you. when he asks about your childhood memories. when he holds you again. when he hates to see you crying. when he compliments your choice of clothes. when he is proud of you and admits it. when he notices a new haircut or change of look. when he knows your favourite song and your favourite colour and your favourite place. when he makes small sacrifices for you without any expectations. when he insists on sharing the last piece of chocolate with you. when he misses you even if you are in the next room. when he shares his most insignificant thoughts with you. when he tells you that he is happy.

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  1. parerea mea este ca te iubeste atata vreme cat, desi poate trai si fara tine, nu vrea sa traiasca fara tine, nu pleaca de langa tine....
    Ai vazut filmul "Rumor Has It... (2005)" ? cred ca ti se potriveste