Ode to a Tomorrow-Challenged Sunrise

A lethargy parodist in a duel of total neglect
I wander away from a mosaic of abusing rage
To a frozen labyrinth of untimely solitudes
and altruistic ruins
at the earliest permissible thought
Pacifying the childhood growth
and the omission of an invisible cage
With a prospective self-defense mime I use
to carry along like a fatherly talisman.
Putting a dormant hex on some spring noons
does not unlock the wintry months’ irruptions
followed by so many suburban rains
That evening muds seem such laudible efforts.
They say
an immune response and pious composure
are never enough
for the blameless decline of bearable goodbyes,
an ordinary morning landscape
depicted with cosmic cries and the echoing roar
of an implosion
Invoking platitude, redemption,
and the renewed promise of a fresh start.

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