Impersonal Memorabilia

since you promised me we’d transcend time
right from this earthly place we call home
my affinity has decided to disobey
all logic,ignore all its visible threats
and despise the strings of reason instead;
your vows never spoiled the purity of a soul
even though they fail to share or divide
its divine memories and moments of doubt
with a humanity
turning its pace, its peaceful expectations and concrete reality
into brightly lit slogans and rhyming oaths.
I believe it is environmentally friendly nowadays
to recycle Valentine cards, to re-use them to advertise
the universal symbols of mutually consented feelings
at a half-confessed price
from admiration to attraction
lies a dessert of what-if’s and guilt on sale
-revealing the imperfections of mind-
the unsatisfactory choices of bargaining
for a less than decorative heart -
the bitter taste of a sweet defeat, of temporary compromise.
Right after the loss of hope a new miracle is born
whose ascension of depths from neglect
is portrayed again and again
into a mirror whose vulnerabilities
overlook the absorption of faith;
like a fate pilgrim with closed eyes
at the always noble shrines of deceit and regret
overcoming the old and forgotten middle-February-relics
I’m still waiting for an answer virtually impossible to collect.

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