Underneath Each Mask

Put on
in fear of prejudiced vision or image-threatening blasts,
by offensive excesses of privacy,
Resorting to seductive spiritual sensations,
There’s an impersonal immunity -
Beyond the pale of senses - its adequate remedy;
in the absence of physical things
involuntarily inspired by public curiosity.
like a postmortem masterpiece,
Against intangible perception invasions
- properly misunderstood and misled-
towards a gallery of unpainted portraits,
foreshadowed by silent, contaminated tears
embittering the sarcasm of controlled exposure
defamed yet indifferent
to unimplied, tacit intentions,
the legitimate breaches of self-confidence,
whose last high-intensity whispers,
almost destroyed by triviality,
unwilling to be slandered and libeled,
continue to breathe.

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