The same inner voices trying to stab us from within
Urging us to resist but failing
to warn us
About free falling;
Too many eyes kept on the same price
Make compassion irreversibly set down,
get over
before it’s really over.
Willfully immersed
In the perplexity of hurting on the insured side
I’m out of my fight
minding my own lost battles and victories
sharing veiled kisses and free hugs
daydreaming of the rain so altruistically kidnapped
in the palm of your hand.
Morning sunbeams captured in a closed call,
Reality chased into coded diaries;
Hypnotized by the same hostile routine,
following unoriginal, intoxicating sins,
I'm spelling first names nesting an evil-inclined indifference,
in defiance of their selfless reflection.

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