3 Secrets to Happiness

Happiness! Don’t we all want to seize it and feel it in our hearts every single day? Then how do we get it? And, equally important: how do we keep it when we have such limited control over our own lives?
My first suggestion is to accept the fact that nobody else was born to make you happy then do everything it takes to create that happiness you and you alone long for and deserve. So turn off your (ridiculous) expectations from others and take charge of it.
The second one is to know from the start that one’s happiness cannot be built on suffering or misery … Consequently, think twice before taking any steps towards your bliss … and ask yourself this question:
”Will it ever become someone else’s grief? ” and, if the answer is “yes”, you must avoid this deceiving path ‘cause sadness really works like a merciless catching disease whose “zero patient” never gets an immunity. On the contrary, he/she remains the most vulnerable… to unbearable pain through shame, remorse and guilt...
Last but not least, however, and the best one, which I’m selfless enough to share with you, is to remain best friends with your past. My advice is to use your own strengths, intuition and opportunities to design and generate a present - beautiful and positive enough - to turn into happy memories when it gets older… Just like Hansel and Gretel, I always leave a trail of” white pebbles “or “bread crumbs” for me to follow when I feel abandoned by the contemporary (world) … On “rainy” days, with disappointments and despair knocking at your door, one is never sad and alone if they have saved enough memories to live on…
Instead of a PS a short warning to make sure you will be both happy and safe: there is only one life(time), one heart for each of us…and no guarantees …so why act like you have your heart insured? Take no risks, my dear ones, only precautions :)…

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