You’ll lend yourself, again,
one ironical passage at a time, willing to trade
the old flesh pains 
for another imaginary stage,
a fresh coup de foudre on a brand new page;
Unable to tame its poisonous anchors and perennial scars,
I make my spiritual claim
still blurred inside these artificial boundaries
well- hidden into the overprotective twilight
invisible but predictable,
like the surroundable defense  
of a cosmic inner whole of magic misspells.
Contrary to your limited expectations
I won’t negotiate the tragic ending with you;
the mighty mirage of virtuality
the frozen germs of decline in one’s virtues-
and unexplored science of lettin’ go.
An unreachable consensus finally collapses
Under the sign of a clueless, iconic substitute,
Suffocated by compromising conventions
Shaping their symmetrical imperfection
Inside a so-called interlude;
We’re one step away from leaving aside the canons
Obstructing our redefined reflection,
our in-style solitude which, year after year, keeps counting
the impossibilities of an unquoted distance
Neglected only by the regained thought
of an almost-felt absence.

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