In Perfect Unison

Both son and daughter figures are gathered here
To have their rose-colored lenses removed
Then, from close range,
The eligible procrastinators will gloss over
their narcissistic, mind-blowing words,
with water-resistant tears.
“An in-law is better than an outlaw -
though some flashbacks may be poisoned
to death.”   …    “A panacea is always abused
by those witnessing a potential come back.”
For heaven’s sake, we shouldn’t be waiting,
by the edge of  these three suspension points!
This whole time,
The short-lived ripples have faded away,
Creating an illusion of sensory turbulence
in the course of a devious life game.
An embraced patience keeps pace
With a mental anathema:
Across the narrow paths and alleys and backstreets,
The innuendos are too busy to speak volumes
Ultimately, they have a consensus to reach.

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