Self- Exiled

If I could reincarnate one day
I would be a starfish;
A central disc with only five arms,
on an ocean bed, alone,  
a  real-life anchor of stability
implausible to take away
impossible to send back
to a prior existence above the surface
of a hospitable and soothing sea blaze.

If I could build myself from scratch
I would be a lighthouse.
Fighting against the nocturnal persistence
opressing the waves,
there will be no more panic or desire to evade
and have their blind enthusiasm crashed
into the same sharp shores,
their young despair- banished then split
immortalizing a sadistic torture,
an almost Sisyphean-like defeat.

In any case, 
I would wait for you halfway
between these ancient species and towers,
In an inviting natural habitat
Over the top of my cruelest hours,
A long  way from any fatal abduction,
Perfectly sheltered against a savage retreat.
I would be waiting to meet you there,
Whatever you were meant to be.

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