Tender Tale of Two

                                            To Frank, who can understand everything.
                                                       I wish I'd known you as a child.
You are my little prince
in the desert, fallen to earth 
from a heaven
of untamed shapes
and unspoken words.
I draw you a boa constrictor
You don’t see a hat,
You instantly become best friends
with the elephant
waiting to be digested inside.
With you,
I’ve never been to a real desert
I’ve never left this room
as a matter of fact
but lately, my life
has become a poem 
in the shape of a box
fallen down to earth from a heaven
of miraculous landings.
Without a pre-existing map,
we follow the scent
of wild roses re-planted
in big-size flowerpots.
Like two pillars
born from the boiling ash
of the same volcano,
visible from any outer space,
Two standing  towers-
you and I wrap the blue sea water 
to prevent the loss
of a planet’s remained harbor.
A blind desert sand fox translates
the lava of thoughts
to and fro,
one coast of the ocean
at a time.
I never leave this room 
but I assume,
just like an sos message bottle,
it travels with the tide.

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