“I shall drink from thy holly springs”

Voluptuous immortals,
Go and behold them, in the dark forest,
Moon-bathing their marble skin,
Pagan maidens, dancing in circles,
Burning the grass, the leaves,
The ground under the soles of their feet
Their fair hair blowing with the night wind.
O, virgin fairies, who haunt  away my sleep,
Come, grant a count his ultimate wish!
So soon, your burning silhouettes shall cross
These rocky slopes to quench my thirst.
Your eyes by my eyes have been cursed,
They are my candles now- ready to spread
Their undying, whispering oaths around.
My kiss is able to cleave the deep darkness
into thin slices of silence and painless tears,
Your spirit is about  to split the murmur of living
into legible birthmarks and heart poetry.
Have no fear, the thirsty moors and arid marshes
Won't reclaim the dead’s autumnal wake
They too absorb your youth and faith,
and drown your prayers in their swamps,
but turn your earthly nightmares into hope
so that, tomorrow, a crimson ritual of love
shall be performed inside our timeless souls.http://evngentertainment.blogspot.ro/

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