Square Deal

My days are traded on a fixed timetable:
on Monday I give away my sorrow
to receive
raw blessings in return
on Tuesday I forget everything about my shame
on the doorstep, any doorstep,
sweep it all under the rug
(if I have to)
on Wednesday I give up my guilt
and take back the lost joys
from where we were to begin with
Trust erases confusion on Thursday
Fridays are for compassion only,
Saturday is an anger free ceremony
while Sundays 
no control, no anxiety, no remorse…
no fear - to cut down
this short story;
Everything costs something
You’ll say
I’m not the most honest trader I know
nor the most dishonest one either
One thing leads to another
A straight spine
will meet its deadline
wherever we draw it
but I'd never take anything I said back 
from a loved someone.

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