Much Adu (about something)

They needed a short story
to become the latest fad
So I thought my mind and came up
with that sort of instantaneous tag.
Of course, having rushed in,
it was looking a little crowded
So I removed the “I” from the ad
then , noticed  it seemed prone
to more ambivalence 
than they could afford
and I had to replace the full stop
with a less ambiguous semi-colon.
The poem needed an alluring title,
(that's when I could see red  before my eyes)
But decided  to grab the first badge-
no need to borrow, it came in handy
and quite able to blush on command.
I needed one more epithet
for them not to come around
But, since everything I looked up
was beginning to sound redundant
I had to change it all
and return to my silent oyster.

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