Rhetorical Question

If, one day, I could grow wings,
what would I rather be?
A nightingale or a skylark, 
able to sing like heaven,
or a bold eagle preying on others,
armed with powerful vision
and deadly sharp talons?
Would I be a colourful peacock,
catching all eyes,
a patient vulture scavenging in the wild,
a peregrine falcon rapidly changing direction, 
a raven of the nevermore,
a white dove reminding one 
of peace and devotion,
or a stork bringing babies into the world?
Would I be an ostrich
with my head in the sand
or a flightless kiwi, a symbol of pride?
A female penguin
in the freezing cold, fighting for life,
or a cuckoo laying its eggs in a stranger's nest
to hatch unknown in daylight?
Would I be a migratory swallow  
wintering away or a wise, nocturnal owl 
with a heart-shaped face? 

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