Vampiric Embargo

beyond recognition
some crimson delusions
go through life
not knowing
to sum up everything
subtracted and divided
only to be multiplied
by an evil alter ego.
More faithful
than the pale shadows
left a few steps behind
we create lasting
within touch
to prove
to one’s memory
that feeling left out
when into this world
is no tragedy.
by former spells of dew
a mild tempest of stigmas
takes over my atlas.
In the same spirit,
full of horrid enigmas
inseparable from self-consumption,
most revelations
are rooted in two hearts.
Ravaged by the willfulness
of freezing cold
burning cheeks
are eventually embraced
and loved
by the  quiet thieves
that we are,
guilty of arson
and forswearing afterwards.
Q.E.D.and all 
we keep running and running
away from a bloody mess
while in our own heart
we rehearse
coming back for less.

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