.........Who broke us?
are we still beautiful
or this incompleteness
is just plain debris orbiting
a shooting star?
If wrecked, with no destination
to reach, in front of us,
if we are mere ripples of water
hopelessly left behind
with the rest of the origami pieces
waiting to go down,
            if our own epitaphs, unwritten,
shall remain a well-hidden rhyme
Then where are we going this time?
To an erupting volcano or to  a melting glacier?
See? A pulsing cadence and
streaks of blue rain hold us tight,
so that the young brooks may continue
to bear their  names and slowly baptize
a heart’s fears  falling apart
into a poisoned delta of alienation.
In truth, something broke us
something holds us together still
we breathe in the thick air
of implicit survival and repent our sins
while a sleeping quietness
falling against the cold cityscapes,
makes our blooming frailties
recruit new sizes and shapes.
Peace-torn paradoxes
can learn from any opened petal
to face the morning sun,
creation myths can be shattered
from any collective memory
whenever the hungry seeds of love
are sown in No Man’s Land...........

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