Christmas Nightmare

each year,
all ears can hear
the merry jingle bells.
The evergreen of X-mas carols
and too familiar “ho-ho-ho” chuckles
cheerfully escort the reindeer-drawn sledge.
Tonight, I hear
that old man Santa Claus,
is the most wanted around here!
His law breaking counts trespassing,
bribe-taking and down-the-chimney break-in;
Attempted blackmail makes his criminal charges list:
to get his presents, kids have been good and obedient
the whole of the 2014 year.
Witnesses report scones and some milk
have strangely been missing from their kitchens;
While others defend his activity and say he’s no criminal,
only  a generous mind-reader who knows what gifts to bring.
Next year, don't you fear that
with Santa Claus and his reindeer in prison
presents will have to be beamed from the North Pole

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