Never alone in my memories

What emotes me most is that we can create such long-lasting memories together with others, share our blessings and our lives willingly or coincidentally and build unforgettable moments and perfect relationships with complete strangers (at first) who simply win our hearts (against all odds) without effort for the rest of our days.
That's why I do welcome and (will) always cherish the time and attention I get, value the presence of all my loved as well as my loving ones in my past, present and future and love my life with its mysterious ways and heart-melting lessons.
What touches my very soul is the chance I've been given to breathe in so many beautiful places I've fallen in love with. They, too, live inside me and shape my inner heaven which will never lock me out. :)
Somehow, life's unpredictability catches me unprepared for so much happiness. Sometimes I can't believe how lucky I am to meet these wonderful, wonderful people who choose me when they have so many (better) options and possibilities, to be in such amazing places which make my heart beat faster and my faith grow stronger. They make me not only feel special but also proud of who I am and give me so much hope for tomorrow! And the best part is that I'm never lonely when I think of them and smile happily ever after.

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