The Best Lessons in Life Are Free

Each day we are the beneficiaries of the simplest - but greatest – miracles that life makes for us… Each day we receive life’s wisdom…and we should be celebrating and enjoying ourselves and everything we get by loving life back and showing gratitude for all its wonders.

One of the reasons why we may seem unthankful is that we keep comparing ourselves to those who are “more fortunate” than us…this makes us feel dissatisfied with ourselves and our lives…I don’t think we should do that. Because, let’s face it, everything in life is a choice. Our attitude towards life is also a matter of personal perception and individual will.

(Un)fortunately we are not born wise. We are certainly not programmed to live a robot life. Each of us becomes a genuine human being as long as we keep our hearts and minds open to what the world is trying to teach us…The best advantages about life’s lessons are that they are free and they make everything easier...

A few years ago I was chosen to spend an entire month in a wonderful country…It was the greatest experience of my life. But, apart from all the other memories, there are two lessons that I received right then and there:

1. ”Don’t be judgemental!”

2. “Don’t complain!”

Ever since I have been trying to live according to these rules which, though stated in a negative form, are the foundation of all positive thinking! You cannot stay optimistic if you use your time and energy to criticize other people and you cannot grow into a better person or see the happy side of your own existence if you keep staring at its irrelevant imperfections!!!

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