What are “friends”?

I love the idea of “chosen” relationships. This is where friends belong. Unlike family…which are “given” relationships.

I have made some pretty good choices in my life. I’ve been lucky enough to meet some natural born friends. And, when it comes to these human miracles, I really wanna be a keeper. Who are my friends? Well, first of all… They are people who take me as I am. Because that’s the best thing about friends : you get the chance to be yourself around them & feel good about that. Friends are those who never forget your birthday. Those who call you when they go on holiday. Those who visit you in hospital or notice when you miss a day at school/work. Those who would lie for you but not to you…except for those cases when you desperately need a compliment…Friends will always dislike the people who don’t like you. They will never forgive those who have treated you badly. A friend is someone who wants you to be happy even when they are not.

I am so grateful I have friends.

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