Open Letter to a Virtual Best Friend

Some people need to reach the Everest. Others’ dreams involve the bottom of the ocean. I need your words to feel alive. I can’t explain this addiction nor the appearance of these tears today…You should know that I am not always happy. I seem to be like that because the only me you know is when I am with you. I can’t explain why but, few or many, unpredictable or not, your words always touch my very soul, make my heart beat faster and my “tomorrows” worth waiting for.

Even if the content of our messages somehow makes me experience a myriad ‘ups’ and ‘downs’...and at certain points I try to run away from the you as fast as possible, all of a sudden, I find myself even closer to you and deeper into the thoughts you are trying to hide and reveal at the same time...

You make me have a different view from your window. You lend me your eyes for a couple of minutes or even hours in order to give me your understanding of the world. From what I have learned, your sadness shouldn’t sound so real! Because you are wrong. You are too close to see the truth!!!

There is this really wonderful you, sharing his time, changing my life for the better, allowing his own to be changed, making dreams come true and miracles happen. You should be grateful to yourself at least, for being WHO you are. You are so gentle, so wise, so deep, so noble, so protective…

Of course you will have to make choices, sacrifice some of your dreams but I know that when at a crossroads you can only choose the best option...So, forget about ‘what ifs’ and ‘could haves’...BE HAPPY,’ CAUSE NOONE ELSE DESERVES IT MORE!!!

2 comentarii:

  1. It's about a man that you know ?

  2. The letter was addressed to someone, an ideal he-friend ...which is obvious...since I used the word "his" at least two times.
    But ,to answer the most important part of your question: I don't know this someone.We just communicate via the Internet.Hope you will find my reply satisfactory.