Don’t cross it!

This one is about accepting our boundaries. And acting accordingly. Even when it comes to those thoughts and feelings which can affect only us. One cannot think or care about the entire universe. It’s unrealistic…or crazy to use a more appropriate word.
How do we know where our limits are? Well, if you don’t have good instincts, here’s a clue: if positive thoughts and feelings turn against you like a boomerang, all harmful and destructive, then you have crossed the line!
So, think twice before trespassing not only because being intrusive violates someone’s privacy but also because stepping outside one’s limits means you will have to survive without your principles, your values and your most definitory features. Any attempt to go outside your mind and heart is destined to fail. Just like rules, limits help us remain who we are, they protect us and give us order instead of anarchy.

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