If it’s meant to be…

I have always found the expression “true love” terribly redundant because I cannot imagine love other than true. Also I am not a huge fan of the “Romeo and Juliet” type of love. I don’t believe in doomed lovers, tragic fate, indispensable soap-opera-like manipulation or exquisite schemes involving stabbing oneself and/or poisoning meant to bring two people together.
People are not “fortune’s fools“ when it comes to pursuing their own hearts. My point is that if people share the same affection, they will find a way. And even if they are too weak or too stupid, their feelings will be strong and smart enough to figure out a solution.
On the contrary, when feelings are not mutual, then social status, age, family feuds or cultural differences are likely to step between. To be completely honest, I did play the role of modern Cinderella for a while. Then I realized that if the prince had suddenly changed his mind and didn’t think I was good enough for him, I probably needed to accept the truth and move on, search for my true “other half” … to use another redundancy. Finding it, made me understand that the course of true love always runs smooth and that in the presence of love, assiduous courtship, expensive presents or impressive gestures are not only blasphemous, but also unnecessary. After all, love is meant to “conquer”, not “buy” or “persuade” its followers.

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