Absent Indifference

turning a blind eye and a deaf ear
to the half - treated sympthoms of the new year
another paradox mirror
x-rayed by compulsive retrospection:
invisible, reminiscent yet self-absorbed.
Some say a bitten apple ‘ s hardly a clue
neither ladylike, nor safe to keep
though so well-hidden
from thorn birds and tactile myths
Some may think
that memory games and geography and countdowns
can add some beauty to my sleep
to quench one’s thirst you need more than a drip
rain comes and goes but there are rainbows in store
all labelled and approved
since you left no one’s been misunderstood
or steady as a rock while rolling like a stone
to explain the sand on the floor,
the pearl oysters, the willow roots and the fjords
One might need a map of my early childhood .

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