We are not alone
In the shade of the leafless
Chestnut silhouettes and blue birds
listening to the wavening voice
of parting winters and springs;
We should become our future not our past
Farewells are carved
not tattooed
on a stamped piece of dream,
too much light can make some men go blind
too much supernatural can make you lose your mind
a wave is enough to crush the flame
but saying “good bye” is not taught in the first grade;
Candles don't just paint shadows
through the darkness of night
they mostly guide the departed to puzzle out their pride;
We are not alone - only lonely and blind
our quest is no longer a triumph
but a truce, a self-sabotage.
Why looking for answers you already know?
Why looking for answers?
All the paths have already been chosen and marked
It’s time to go when it’s time to go.
You can only close the eyes that are open
Leave’em after the pact has been broken.

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